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In our digital world, we still have to work with physical paper, because of legal restrictions. To solve that problem, we developed a automated archive system for making your office paperless.

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blue caterpillar

Blue Caterpillar will be your librarian at service

Give your paper-mail to Caterpillar and let it take care of it. Caterpillar sorts your documents and extracts the information you need. Additionally it provides you with easy accessible digital versions and links them to the original hardcopies which are stored away so in case of need you can find them easily without searching.

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Paper office - one device to solve it

Fast access to your documents

Work with digital versions of your documents and know them safely stored.

Insert your paper mail and forget about it

Get appointments and deadlines from your paper mail without reading it and have them sorted according to subjects or people involved.

Find your paper documents

Digital copies link to their original paper counterpart. You save time looking them up when needed.


Your documents stay in your office. Caterpillar does not need to be connected to the internet or any cloud service.

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